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I used to spend hours stuck in Los Angeles traffic going to and from work. I often found myself thinking about this environmentally, spiritually, and physically sad experience, longing for a different one. During one such trip I heard a radio story citing a report that found increased commute time actually decreases one’s life expectancy. As the currency of time appreciated more and more in my life, I daydreamed about a shorter, simpler commute, and all the ways my life (and my family’s life) could be enriched by it. Inspired by a transcendent bike ride through my neighborhood while listening to Chopin on the iPod, I rode it with a super 8 camera in hand to capture this perfect moment in my life. Partially as a result of this, I have since moved to Utah where I ride my bike to work every day in roughly the same 3 minute 38 second running time it takes for this film to play.